About Streamyx Combo with WiFi @ Home

Streamyx Combo Wifi@Home

Better combo. Same price. More value. More broadband!! Streamyx Combo WiFi@Home is an enhancement of existing Streamyx Combo package. It provides more value in term of mobility to enjoy wireless Internet connection at home. This package will replace any of existing Streamyx Combo packages and it is offered for new and existing Streamyx customers.

Streamyx Combo Wifi@Home

Packages for Streamyx Combo with WiFi @ Home

Package Monthly Subscription Fee Download Speed Upload Speed Features
Combo 1
RM60 384kbps 128kbps
  • FREE Wireless modem with 12 months warranty
  • Dynamic IP
  • 1 email account
  • Unlimited Internet access.
  • Inclusive of TM Homeline rental
Combo 2
RM90 512kbps 256kbps
Combo 3
RM110 1Mbps 384kbps
Combo 4
RM140 2Mbps 384kbps
Combo 5
RM160 4Mbps 512kbps
One Time Charge Activation Fee RM75
Installation Fee RM88

* Self installation (SIB) is available for UPGRADE only

With subscription to any WiFi @ Home Streamyx Combo package, you are entitled to subscribe to any of the Add On.

Add On

Package Monthly Subscription Fee Description
Call Plan
RM 28 - Add Voice
  • RM28
  • UNLIMITED call from your TM Homeline to any TM fixed line nationwide.
  • Special FLAT RATE call charge at 25 cent / minute from your TM Homeline to any mobile and non-TM fixed line numbers nationwide.
Value Added Services
  1. Internet Security-Basic
    Online Guard, Virus Shield & Anti Spamming
  2. Internet Security-Premium
    Online Guard, Virus Shield & Anti Spamming, Xfilter Escan
  • RM3
  • RM8
Online Guard:
An online Internet Security solution for home user. It consist of 4 major services…more>>
Virus Shield & Anti Spamming:
A solution that detects and eliminates viruses in your e-mails….more>>
Xfilter Escan:
An internet filter or piece of software, that filters by keyword or blocks…more>>
Add Content and Application
Family Package
  • The Star E-Paper
  • MMO Games - Rose
  • B Smart Kids Entertainment
Hypp TV
  • RM9
  • RM5
Enjoy various Content & Applications to enhance your knowledge while having fun.. more>>

*Streamyx Combo is a package offering and no separate charge for TM fixed line rental.

WiFi@Home Streamyx Combo Packages Description

Terms and Conditions for Streamyx Combo with WiFi @ Home

  1. Promotion is valid from 3rd April 2009 until further noticed.
  2. Promotion valid for RESIDENTIAL category only and for NEW and EXISTING customers.
  3. This special packages valid for SUCCESSFUL Streamyx installation and activation ONLY. Thus, TM Homeline subscription before the said event is treated separately and subject to TM Homeline Terms & Conditions.
  4. Customer will be provided FREE wireless modem with 12 months warranty from the date of installation.
  5. The minimum subscription period is 12 MONTHS.
  6. Online registration is not applicable.
  7. Customers are NOT allowed to downgrade during the minimum subscription period.
  8. If customers terminate within the minimum subscription period, the remaining balance will be charged and customer is required to return the modem.
  9. Customer can subscribe  to Voice  28 or Pakej RM10 in which the  existing call plan will be terminated.
  10. Voice offering is subject to 5% service tax.
  11. Add On for Voice Plan or Value Added Services or Content & Application is on top of any combo package.
  12. For Voice Plan RM28:
    1. Not applicable for customer who have call plan @ ALPP.
    2. Subject to 5% Service Tax.
    3. The existing voice / call plan will be terminated on the next bill date (Service level).
    4. Customer can start enjoying Voice Plan on the next TM Homeline bill date after Streamyx service is activated. The voice charges before such notification(s) will be treated as normal charges.
    5. Voice 28 can only be tagged/subscribed if the customers have subscribed to Streamyx Combo.
  13. For new TM Homeline customers, they will get NO fixed line rental for the first 3 months prior to Streamyx activation.
  14. Voice offerings is also applicable to non-telephone owner.
  15. Fixed line customer with existing call plan (in Service level) can migrate to the promo packages (existing call plan will be TERMINATED).
  16. This special package valid for SUCCESSFUL Streamyx applications ONLY and bond to  EXISTING STREAMYX COMBO TERMS & CONDITIONS.
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